October 29, 2016



Tiny Tigers (Walking – 3)

The very first step into the exciting world of gymnastics. Your child will learn the very basics of gymnastics in a fun and encouraging class. On top of learning gymnastics this class can be your child’s first step into socialization and class structure. At least one parent is required to join their child in the class to help guide them with their coach on an exciting adventure into gymnastics.

Tumbling Tigers (3-4)

The next step up from Tiny Tigers. In this class your child will begin to strengthen their entry gymnastics skills own their own. As your child advances, parents are encouraged to give more freedom each turn until your child can get through a class all by themselves. Not only will this class teach stellar gymnastics it will advance your child’s self-confidence and independence. 

Bouncing Bears (4-5)

This class starts to really build your little gymnast up. Your child will be encouraged and supported to start learning slightly more advanced skills which will set the foundation for their future both in and out of the sport. In the sport your child will learn fundamentals on each gymnastics event. Out of the sport your child will work on life skills such turn taking turns, following instructions, and making new friends to name a few.

Leaping Lions (5-6)

The final step before you child enters the school age program. In this class they will continue strengthen their mind and bodies and build on the skills they have been learning throughout the preschool program. From here your instructor will help your child find the best suiting class for their skill level. This can be any where from beginner recreational gymnastics to encouraging your child to try out for the competitive team program.


Beginner Gymnastics (6-18)

The entry level to our recreational gymnastics program. Great for those who are brand new to gymnastics or just need a little more time to perfect their basic gymnastics skills. In this class students will work on full body control, strength, flexibility, and agility. They will also go through the fundamental skills on the 4 Olympic Events to prepare them for a great future in gymnastics and all sports.

Intermediate Gymnastics (6-18)

Once your athlete has moved beyond the basic and beginner stages of gymnastics, your child’s teacher will recommend them for intermediate gymnastics. In this class they will receive a harder challenge in strength and conditioning along with progressing through more advanced gymnastics skills. With a greater challenge comes greater rewards, as your child will feel so accomplished at the end of every class.

Advanced Gymnastics (6-18)

For those students who have shown a natural ability for learning gymnastics, a near mastery of their fundamentals or for those athletes looking for the next big accomplishment. Teachers will recommend them to the advanced gymnastics class. In this class they will prepare to take the next step to competitive team gymnastics or challenge themselves in strength and skill acquisition. 


Tumbling 1

A basic tumbling class for all those looking to focus on learning fundamental tumbling skills. In this class students will learn the basics to prepare them for a strong round-off as well as move towards achieving a stand back handspring without a spot. 

Tumbling 2

Once students can do a standing back handspring without a spot they move to Tumbling 2. In this class they will strengthen their back handsprings and begin learning a strong round-off. The end goal is a very strong round-off backhandspring. 

Tumbling 3

Once students have learned a strong round off backhandspring they move to Tumbling 3. In this class the focus on back handsprings in a series as well as learning back tucks and beyond.

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